Subject Guide to Books in Print

Titre : Subject Guide to Books in Print
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : STANFORD:36105025888533
Libération : 2003

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SQL Clearly Explained

Titre : SQL Clearly Explained
Auteur : Jan L. Harrington
Éditeur : Elsevier
ISBN-13 : 9780080517582
Libération : 2003-05-28

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This is the second edition of the popular practitioner's guide to SQL, the industry-standard database query language. Like most computer languages, SQL can be overwhelming when you first see it, but for years readers have relied on this book to clear the confusion and explain how SQL works and how to use it effectively. Packed with tips, tricks, and good information, SQL Clearly Explained, Second Edition teaches database users and programmers everything they need to know to get their job done including · formulating SQL queries, · understanding how queries are processed by the DBMS, · maximizing performance, · using SQL to enter, modify, or delete data, · creating and maintaining database structural elements, and · embedding SQL in applications. Features · Updated and expanded to include changes in the SQL standard (SQL:1999) as well as recently implemented aspects of SQL-92. · Includes CD with examples from the book as well as MySQL, a popular open-source DBMS, on which the examples are based. · Web enhanced with extra features available online at * Second edition of classic SQL handbook * Updated to cover changes in the SQL language standard (SQL:1999) * Includes CD with MySQL software

Comprehensive Perinatal Pediatric Respiratory Care

Titre : Comprehensive Perinatal Pediatric Respiratory Care
Auteur : Kent Whitaker
Éditeur : Cengage Learning
ISBN-13 : 9781305177383
Libération : 2014-06-05

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Learn the latest in respiratory care for newborns and children from COMPREHENSIVE PERINATAL AND PEDIATRIC RESPIRATORY CARE, 4E. This newly updated book is clear, consistent, and easy for you to follow. Comprehensive coverage of fetal development of the cardiopulmonary system, is followed by respiratory care of neonatal and pediatric patients, and progresses into causes and care of respiratory illnesses. It provides discussion of the ventilation and oxygenation needs of neonatal and pediatric patients including information on both conventional and special techniques. Topics unique to this book, such as care of parents and home care, are discussed in detail. COMPREHENSIVE PERINATAL AND PEDIATRIC RESPIRATORY CARE, 4E provides you with the theory and clinical expertise necessary to embark on your career and meet the challenges presented in a rapidly changing health care environment. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Beginning Bonsai

Titre : Beginning Bonsai
Auteur : Shirley Student
Éditeur : Tuttle Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781462903108
Libération : 1993-04-15

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Learn to grow and care for decorative bonsai trees with this user-friendly Japanese gardening book. For those with no bonsai tree growing experience, Beginning Bonsai: The Gentle Art of Miniature Tree Growing covers everything from buying the first plant for beginning bonsai to creating a miniature landscape of rocks, grasses and trees. Authors Larry and Shirley Student describe different bonsai styles, list important tools, explain pruning and pinching and introduce procedures like defoliation. They cover all aspects of how to cultivate these miniature trees, anticipating common problems and offering practical bonsai advice gained from years of working with plants. Bonsai gardening topics include: Bonsai from different sources Choosing a bonsai site Essential techniques and materials Forests, groves, and Saikei Care of bonsai: a five point program Root pruning and repotting Seasonal Changes Advanced Techniques Varieties of Bonsai Trees The clear, step-by-step instructions and photographs ensure that even the most inexperienced gardener will be able to start creating beautiful bonsai in no time. Despite being small, bonsai are not delicate—they are strong hardy trees and creating them is a rewarding and inexpensive hobby that anyone can take up—even without an effortless green thumb.

Dining Room and Banquet Management

Titre : Dining Room and Banquet Management
Auteur : Anthony J. Strianese
Éditeur : Delmar Pub
ISBN-13 : 1418053694
Libération : 2007

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This text is for the introductory course in a hospitality management program that covers dining room and banquet management. Its emphasis is on the service aspects of a business that will distinguish an outstanding dining experience. The text includes the history of dining room and banquet service, the proper techniques of service, sanitation requirements, and important merchandising concepts. Information about reservations, priority seating, and reservations systems is also included. This new edition is updated with a number of new features. The most noteworthy are the “Chefs’ Choice” professional profiles that spotlight noted individuals in the hospitality industry. These profiles cover the essentials in creating and maintaining a successful dining room and banquet operation. Each chapter also has been updated with key words and terms, more thorough objectives, and numerous discussion questions to help students retain the material. And finally, Dining Room and Banquette Management 5E now offers an electronic instructional support CD-ROM that includes PowerPoints, Computerized Test Bank, Instructor’s Manual and Lesson Plans.

Easy Dollar Bill Origami

Titre : Easy Dollar Bill Origami
Auteur : John Montroll
Éditeur : Courier Corporation
ISBN-13 : 9780486470092
Libération : 2010-05-20

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This easy-to-follow guide consists of 32 models of favorite figures. Numerous diagrams in dark and light green illustrate the two sides of a bill, and finished models are shown in full color.

Key Concepts in Event Management

Titre : Key Concepts in Event Management
Auteur : Bernadette Quinn
Éditeur : SAGE
ISBN-13 : 9781446291009
Libération : 2013-03-25

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"I found this text to be exactly what we were looking for to give our students a good understanding of the contemporary issues that affect the Events industry. I have recommended this as essential reading. It is well written and the format makes it an easy read raising key issues and challenging theory." - Tanya Bellingham, School of Tourism & Hospitality, University of Plymouth "An essential events managment reference handbook which addresses a number of key issues within the industry. A very interesting read!" - Thomas Fletcher, Liverpool John Moores University In recent years we have seen an enormous growth of festivals and event activity and the literature within the field is consequently huge. In order to make sense of this rapid and dynamic development, students are dependent on a book that can lead them through the myriad of theoretical frameworks offered. This book naturally situates itself in the middle of this need, offering a comprehensive and illuminating account of the festival and event field. Written with academic rigour yet accessible at the same time, Quinn proves herself to be an outstanding communicator and stimulator of knowledge. International in content and timely in its up to date coverage of key topics, this will be an invaluable reference source for students from of Event Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, and Sport and Leisure Management.

Coaching the Shotgun Triple Option

Titre : Coaching the Shotgun Triple Option
Auteur : Tony DeMeo
Éditeur : Coaches Choice Books
ISBN-13 : 1585188840
Libération : 2004

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How and why to install, teach, and make the gun triple an effective part of a team's offense. Covers alignments and formations, offensive line play (create seams and double teams), backfield play (speed in space), receiver play (blocking the edge), tight end play, quarterback play (the trigger), attacking defenses, the flip option (a counter triple), attacking defenses with the flip option, the two-gun triple, attacking defenses with the two-gun triple, and developmental drills. Features over 100 diagrams and illustrations to make learning and coaching the gun triple fast and easy.