The Wahhabis seen through European Eyes 1772 1830

Titre : The Wahhabis seen through European Eyes 1772 1830
Auteur : Giovanni Bonacina
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789004293281
Libération : 2015-03-31

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In The Wahhabis seen through European Eyes (1772-1830) Giovanni Bonacina offers an account of the early reaction in Europe to the rise of the Wahhabi movement in Arabia.

Village Steppe and State

Titre : Village Steppe and State
Auteur : Eugene Rogan
Éditeur : British Academic Press
ISBN-13 : 1850438293
Libération : 1994

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The contributors to this text on the origins of modern Jordan have based their approach on original fieldwork and archives in Jordan, rather than on foreign archives, and avoid viewing the Jordanian state in the context of British imperial policy and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Unholy Terror

Titre : Unholy Terror
Auteur : John R. Schindler
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1616739649
Libération :

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John R. Schindler A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Unholy Terror Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Palestinian Civil Society

Titre : Palestinian Civil Society
Auteur : Benoit Challand
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9780203884560
Libération : 2008-12-02

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Palestinian Civil Society examines the development of civil society in the Arab Middle East and the impact of western donors, with particular reference to the Palestinian case. Looking at the evolution of Palestinian civil society organizations from sociological, historical, legal, and institutional perspectives, the book sheds light on the involvement of donors in Palestine, and the effect that aid has had on Palestinian civil society at a social, political and ideological level. Drawing on Arabic texts, political theory and a detailed survey of donors and local organizations, this book challenges culturalist views that there cannot be a ‘vibrant civil society’ in the Arab world and examines the issues of depoliticization of civil society, the rise of the Islamist sector, and the gradual defeat of the left in the Occupied Territories. The author looks at how the interaction between donors and NGOs is not only centred on a western model of civil society, but also evolves around institutional mechanisms and disciplinary discourses, affecting the ability of local NGOs to adapt to the institutional requirements set by international donors. Accessible to non-specialists, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of sociology, Middle Eastern studies and development studies.

Keeping Faith

Titre : Keeping Faith
Auteur : Cornel West
Éditeur : Psychology Press
ISBN-13 : 0415904862
Libération : 1993

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In this powerful collection by one of today's leading African American intellectuals, Keeping Faith situates the current position of African Americans, tracing the geneology of the "Afro-American Rebellion" from Martin Luther King to the rise of black revolutionary leftists. In Cornel West's hands issues of race and freedom are inextricably tied to questions of philosophy and, above all, to a belief in the power of the human spirit.

Frustrated Democracy in Post Soviet Azerbaijan

Titre : Frustrated Democracy in Post Soviet Azerbaijan
Auteur : Audrey L. Altstadt
Éditeur : Woodrow Wilson Center Press / Columbia University Press
ISBN-13 : 0231704569
Libération : 2017-02-07

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Frustrated Democracy in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan follows a newly independent oil-rich former Soviet republic as it adopts a Western model of democratic government and then turns toward corrupt authoritarianism. Audrey L. Altstadt begins with the Nagorno-Karabagh War (1988–1994) which triggered Azerbaijani nationalism and set the stage for the development of a democratic movement. Initially successful, this government soon succumbed to a coup. Western oil companies arrived and money flowed in—a quantity Altstadt calls "almost unimaginable"—causing the regime to resort to repression to maintain its power. Despite Azerbaijan's long tradition of secularism, political Islam emerged as an attractive alternative for those frustrated with the stifled democratic opposition and the lack of critique of the West's continued political interference. Altstadt's work draws on instances of censorship in the Azerbaijani press, research by embedded experts and nongovernmental and international organizations, and interviews with diplomats and businesspeople. The book is an essential companion to her earlier works, The Azerbaijani Turks: Power and Identity Under Russian Rule and The Politics of Culture in Soviet Azerbaijan, 1920–1940.

State and Revolution

Titre : State and Revolution
Auteur : V. I. Lenin
Éditeur : Haymarket Books
ISBN-13 : 9781608465170
Libération : 2015-01-19

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It was here that Lenin justified his personal interpretation of Marxism, savaged his opponents and set out his trenchant views on class conflict, the lessons of earlier revolutions, the dismantling of the bourgeois state and the replacement of capitalism by the, dictatorship of the proletariat.

Linguistic Landscape

Titre : Linguistic Landscape
Auteur : Elana Shohamy
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9781135859121
Libération : 2008-05-15

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In this comprehensive and pioneering volume, language scholars from around the world examine the "linguistic landscape" from multiple perspectives – theoretical, methodological, and critical. Written by widely recognized experts, the articles in Linguistic Landscape analyze linguistic landscapes in a range of international contexts. Dozens of photographs illustrate the use of language in the environment – the words and images displayed and exposed in public spaces. Suitable for graduate or advanced undergraduate students in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, and language policy studies, Linguistic Landscape is a vital contribution to a burgeoning field.

Nexus of Global Jihad

Titre : Nexus of Global Jihad
Auteur : Assaf Moghadam
Éditeur : Columbia University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780231538152
Libération : 2017-05-30

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Leading jihadist groups such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State dominate through cooperation in the form of knowledge sharing, resource sharing, joint training exercises, and operational collaboration. They build alliances and lesser partnerships with other formal and informal terrorist actors to recruit foreign fighters and spread their message worldwide, raising the aggregate threat level for their declared enemies. Whether they consist of friends or foes, whether they are connected locally or online, these networks create a wellspring of support for jihadist organizations that may fluctuate in strength or change in character but never runs dry. Nexus of Global Jihad identifies types of terrorist actors, the nature of their partnerships, and the environments in which they prosper to explain global jihadist terrorism’s ongoing success and resilience. Nexus of Global Jihad brings to light an emerging style of “networked cooperation” that works alongside interorganizational terrorist cooperation to establish bonds of varying depth and endurance. Case studies use recently declassified materials to illuminate al-Qaeda’s dealings from Iran to the Arabian Peninsula and the informal actors that power the global Sharia movement. Nexus of Global Jihad proposes policies that increase intelligence gathering on informal terrorist actors, constrain enabling environments, and disrupt terrorist networks according to different types of cooperation. It is a vital text for strategists and scholars struggling to understand a growing spectrum of terrorist groups working together more effectively than ever before.

The First Crusade 1096 99

Titre : The First Crusade 1096 99
Auteur : David Nicolle
Éditeur : Praeger Publishers
ISBN-13 : 0275988473
Libération : 2005-01-01

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One of the most famous military campaigns in history, to many the Crusades were the First Crusade. This book details the first 'armed pilgrimage' to the Holy Land, the only Crusade that really succeeded, resulting in the creation of four so-called Crusader States in the Middle East, repercussions of which can still be felt today.